Ryan Cuprak

Ryan Cuprak is an CPG & Retail, Formulation R&D Development Senior Manager at Dassault Systèmes, co-authored EJB in Action 2nd Edition from Manning and the NetBeans Certification Guide from McGrall-Hill. He is also president of the Connecticut Java Users Group since 2003. Ryan is a JavaOne Rockstar Presenter. At Dassault Systèmes he works on the ENOVIA Enginuity chemical formulation software and is involved in desktop and backend server development as well as client data migrations. Prior to joining DS, Ryan worked for a distributed computing company, TurboWorx, and also Eastman Kodak’s Molecular imaging Systems group, now part of Burker. Ryan earned a BS in computer science and biology from Loyola University Chicago.

Preparing for Java 9 Modules

Day 1 - 17th Oct 10:30-11:20 Hall 1 Novice

Java 9 has finally shipped! Will your application still work and are you ready for Java 9 modules? Java 9 modules (aka Project Jigsaw) is the biggest fundamental change to the Java runtime. Code that use Oracle/Sun private APIs will break. This session will cover the basics of Java 9 modules and also the current state of tooling. The ramifications to existing and legacy applications will be covered along with the steps you’ll need to take to harness the power of modules and write more maintainable systems.


Testing Enterprise Applications

Day 2 - 18th Oct 11:30-12:20 Hall 1

Testing Java EE applications has never been easier. In this session, you will learn how to perform integration testing using Arquillian and Arquillian Cube. Unlike unit testing, integration testing enables you to test large segments of the application in the application container with minimal effort. You’ll see how you can test EJBs including MDBs and also mock key part of a system to test exception handling. In addition, technique for testing client-side JavaScript code with the backend server will be covered. Between Arquillian, Docker, and mocking, complete testability for Java EE is possible.


Java EE 8, MicroProfile and the future of Java EE

Day 2 - 18th Oct 15:20-16:10 Hall 1 Advanced Ryan Cuprak, Reza Rahman, Mitia Alexandrov, Werner Keil